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Press release: FAQs on IFRS

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Steve Collings, Sale accountancy firm technical director come international author, is going from strength to strength in this latter profession; following the success of IFRS For Dummies, part of the world-famous For Dummies series, Collings is half-way through writing his next book for one of the world’s largest publishers, John Wiley & Sons (Wiley).

Having only started to write Frequently Asked Questions on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in June, Steve is already half-way to completing the book aimed at professional accountants and due for release in early 2013. Wiley’s have published two of Steve’s previous books including the latest addition to the For Dummies range, and negotiations are taking place for Steve to write additional titles over the next few years.

Furthermore, Steve has been appointed as a UK representative on the Editorial Board for Wiley’s  forthcoming IFRS website. The website will be a worldwide IFRS resource with primary materials, news, articles and Forums, with representatives from over 25 countries contributing content to what is expected to become a leading online resource for accounting professionals.

Commenting on behalf of the publisher, Stephen Mullaly, executive commissioning editor, says “Steve is not only one of our key authors, but also a renowned expert in the IFRS field, therefore we are delighted that he will be writing our next book on the subject, and even more so that Steve will be contributing to our online developments.

Steve’s out-of-office work has had a positive impact on the growth of his firm Leavitt Walmsley Associates, resulting in the recruitment of Matt Jones, a qualified accountant from Manchester.

Steve concludes “I really enjoy the challenge of writing, and for Wiley’s to regard my work so highly is an honour. Given the pressure is on again however, I’m pleased to have Matt on board to further strengthen the high standard of service provided by our firm.”

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